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By | 02.07.2023

What’s this is a common phrase used in English to inquire about the identity or nature of something. It is a simple and straightforward question often used when someone wants more information about an object, an idea, or a situation. The phrase can be used in various contexts and has both literal and figurative meanings.


In its literal sense, what’s this is used when someone wants to know the name or description of an object or item that they may not be familiar with. For example, if someone sees a strange-looking gadget or tool, they might point to it and ask, What’s this? It is a way to seek clarification and gain knowledge about something new or unfamiliar.

However, what’s this can also be used in a more abstract or figurative sense. In this context, it is often employed when someone wants more information or explanation about an idea, concept, or situation. For instance, if someone hears a complicated theory or concept during a lecture, they might ask, What’s this all about? It indicates a desire to understand the meaning or purpose behind the subject being discussed.

The versatility of the phrase what’s this allows it to be used in various social situations. It can be employed in formal settings, such as business meetings or academic discussions, to seek clarification or further explanation. In informal or casual conversations, it can be used among friends or family members to express curiosity or surprise about something unusual or unexpected.

Additionally, what’s this can also be used to express a sense of astonishment or disbelief. For example, if someone witnesses an extraordinary event or sees something unbelievable, they may exclaim, What’s this!? It is a way to convey surprise or shock in response to unexpected circumstances.

In conclusion, what’s this is a versatile phrase used in English to inquire about the identity, nature, or meaning of something. With its literal and figurative interpretations, it serves as a valuable tool for seeking clarification, understanding, and expressing surprise or disbelief. Whether in formal or informal settings, this phrase plays a crucial role in effective communication and fostering curiosity and knowledge.

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