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The word петух in English is written as rooster. Roosters are male chickens and are known for their distinctive crowing, which symbolizes the break of dawn. They are often depicted in various cultures and have become a symbol of pride, strength, and dominance.


Roosters play a crucial role in the chicken world. Not only do they provide fertility to ensure the continuation of the species, but they also protect the flock. They are highly territorial and will defend their hens from any potential threat, including other roosters.

In terms of physical characteristics, roosters are different from hens. They have brightly colored feathers and a large, prominent comb on top of their head. The comb, also called a cockscomb, varies in size and shape depending on the breed. Additionally, roosters have long, sharp spurs on the back of their legs, which they use for defense against predators and during fights with other roosters.

One of the most notable features of a rooster is the crowing sound it makes. The crowing can be quite loud and is often associated with signaling the start of a new day. Roosters start crowing in the early morning, and their crowing can continue intermittently throughout the day.

Roosters are social animals that live in flocks known as a brood or covey. Each brood usually consists of multiple hens and one dominant rooster. The rooster maintains order and hierarchy within the group by establishing a pecking order. The dominant rooster leads the flock, while the subordinate roosters follow.

In some cultures, roosters have symbolic importance. For example, in China, the rooster is one of the twelve zodiac animals and represents fidelity and punctuality. In Hindu mythology, the rooster is associated with the sun and is considered a sacred bird. In some traditional cultures, cockfighting, a practice that involves two roosters fighting each other, is seen as a form of entertainment and gambling.

Roosters also have a presence in popular culture. They have appeared in various forms of art, literature, and films. They are often depicted as courageous characters, representing bravery and confidence. The story of The Cock and the Jewel by Aesop’s Fables is a well-known example of using a rooster as a symbol of foolishness and misplaced priorities.

In conclusion, the word петух in English is written as rooster. Roosters are more than just male chickens; they are symbols of strength, dominance, and pride. They play a vital role in the chicken world by providing fertility and protecting the flock. Their distinctive crowing sound signifies the start of a new day. Roosters are social animals that live in flocks, and they have cultural and symbolic importance in various societies. Whether in art, literature, or mythology, roosters have become iconic creatures that represent a wide range of emotions and characteristics.

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